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Old Hemlock Foundation

17098 Brandonville Pike

P. O. Box 69

Bruceton Mills, WV 26525

Tel: (304) 379-7505



Old Hemlock Foundation is dedicatedto preserving and promoting the legacy of George Bird Evans and Kay Evans

"Be worthy of your game"

††† "If I could shoot a game bird and still not hurt it, the way I can take a trout on a fly and release it, I doubt if I would kill another one.This is a strange statement coming from a man whose life is dedicated to shooting and gun dogs.For me, there is almost no moment more sublime than when I pull the trigger and see a grouse fall.Yet, as the bird is retrieved I feel a sense of remorse for taking a courageous life.About the time I passed fifty I noticed this conflict becoming more pronounced...

††† "How then, can you love a bird and kill it and still feel decent?I think the answer is, to be worthy of your game.Which boils down to a gentleman's agreement between you and the bird, never forgetting that it is the bird that has everything to lose.It consists of things you feel and do, not because someone is looking or because the law says you may or must not, but because you feel that this is the honorable way to do it."

Source: George Bird Evans The Upland Shooting Life (1971)


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I am so pleased to represent George and Kay Evans and other directors at the annual Bruceton High School Alumni (BHSA) program.†† George and Kay set up an annual contribution to the BHSA.The scholarship committee accepts applicants and awards scholarships to deserving students.†† I urged the committee to consider using the Old Hemlock Foundation grant to annually award the same student if they maintain a high level of scholarship and committment to their education.†† I am pleased that they accepted the suggestion.†† I am pleased to say the Nicole Yokum and Marla Quinn who both nursing students have received thier third annual scholarship award from the Old Hemlock Foundation. Jarod Ringer has recieved his second award for OHF for his scholarship.††† Lindsay Scheffel also received a scholarship from the OHF.†† Lindsay will be entering college this August.††† LeJay Graffious, Administrator and Director of OHF



Kristen DeGraauw did a Dendo-archeology Study at Old Hemlock

to Age the Logs in the Evansís Home

To learn more about the process, follow this link.







Ian Gray, AmeriCorps Member at Old Hemlock, has been a great addition here to help promote the mission of the foundation.†† He completed his Masters in Public History in May 2016 at WVU.He has been with us since January.I thought I would share his article about the experience of working at Old Hemlock that he wrote for the Preservation Alliance of West Virginiaís blog.†† LeJay Graffious, OHF Director



Serving and Preserving at the Old Hemlock Foundation by Ian Gray.


Old Hemlock Activities:Come visit our historical house and/or walk our trails.


Children Activity free to download to create a paper bag puppet of an Old Hemlock Setter.


July 16, 2016: Public tour from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.††

September 18, 2016:Public tour from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.††


Tours are available for civic and educational groups to visit Old Hemlock.These tours need to be scheduled in advance.†† See the events page to see tour topics.††


Thanks to the core of volunteers who assist with the public tours.†† Without them, these tours would not be possible.



2016 Curious Kids Program dates are set.†† We have the Curious Kids in Nature and Science on Tuesdays July 12, 19 and 26.††† This year we are offering three addition days for activities for children. We developing fun activities related to history.We are calling this Thursday series: Curious Kids in History.The history activities will be on July 14, 21 and 28.††† All Curious Kids Program will begin at 10:00 am and close to noon.


Come visit Old Hemlock for our new FREE summer educational series: "Curious Kids!" Curious Kids is a combination story time and nature/history study that will leave your 5-10 year old eager to learn more.†† Highly qualified instructors will provide four rotating classes during the two hour period.The program is staffed by volunteers who support bringing the natural world and wonders of the outdoors to children.

Photos from the July 15 Curious Kids

Photos from the July 22 Curious Kids.

Link to the Curious Kids article in the Preston County Journal.



We had the opportunity to share the Old Hemlock Story with Mrs. Quinnís fourth grade students during the 2014-2015 school year.The result of the collaboration was a childrenís booklet about saving the hemlocks.Follow the links or click on the photo of the book to see the on-line version.†† The students read the story, ďThe Great Kapok TreeĒ.The main character, a wood cutter, falls asleep at the base of the tree.In his dreams, animals come to him and tell the value of the Kapok tree.The wood cutter saves the trees.This story parallels George Bird Evans saving the virgin hemlocks from the sawyer.††† The students used learned about George and Kay, and the animals that live at Old Hemlock to write their book.††

Old Hemlock placed of National Registry of Historic Places.

See article in the West Virginia State Journal.

Also December 27, 2014 article in Dominion Post.




The Dominion Post ran a feature story on Old Hemlock in the Sunday, December 2014 edition.†† To see our full story, click on the photo to the right.

SOCIAL STUDIES PROJECT OPPORTUNIES:Students in grades six and eight at Bruceton School are invited to do social studies projects on themes related to the mission of the Old Hemlock Foundation.†† Click the photo to the right to see the presentation made to the students with sample project ideas and requirements.Parents are invited to tour Old Hemlock at 10:00 on Saturday, November 22 and to meet the volunteers.†† Parents are always invited to participate with their child.†† For more information, contact LeJay Graffious. ††††††††Student handout.


Old Hemlock Foundation is pleased to announce scholarships winners for 2014.†† The directors are pleased to announce the 2014 Fall Semester Scholarship recipient,Mac Clarkson.††† One medical scholarship was awarded during the 2014 Spring Semester to Amy Moyers via the WVU Foundation and was selected by her professors.†† Three scholarships were award to Nicole Yokum, Meredith Stemple and Marla Ann Quinn via the Bruceton Alumni Association.†††



Tours are available for civic and educational groups to visit Old Hemlock.These tours need to be scheduled in advance.†† See the events page to see tour topics.††


Thanks to the core of volunteers who assist with the public tours.†† Without them, these tours would not be possible.




The directors wish to thanks Eliza for her year of Preserve WV AmeriCorps service at Old Hemlock.She was a great introduction to the program for us.She accomplished many projects that supported our mission in a positive way.I wish her well on her position as program assistant to the WVU Watts Museum in the Engineering School.††


For more about Eliza and America.






Our AmeriCorp memberís last day in August 3.He has been an assets to Old Hemlock.His experience in museum science and a special interest in archiving art history was applied to the artifacts at Old Hemlock.†† He has proved himself a value to the Old Hemlock Foundation.We wish him well as he begins teaching social studies in Miami in a high school charter school.†† We wish him well on this next step in his career journey.

LeJay Graffious


My name is Devin Scanlon. I come from a small town just outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania. I majored in Classical Studies and Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania and Iím currently serving as an AmeriCorps service member with the Preservation Alliance at the Old Hemlock Foundation in Bruceton Mills. After my year of service I plan on taking what Iíve learned here to complete a joint degree program earning a J.D. along with a masterís in history or archaeology in order to help preserve and promote our shared past through property and cultural heritage law.






On Saturday, September 29Director LeJay Graffious represented the Old Hemlock Foundation at the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia Conference in Charles Town, WV.He was invited to be part of Donna Harrisís presentation, New Solutions for House Museums.Her session was sponsored by the WVU History Department. It examined different approaches for historic houses and how to apply them to your project.Donna Harris is the author of New Solutions for House Museums.





The Preservation Alliance of West Virginia is a statewide grassroots organization

supporting historic preservation in the mountain state.



Name 55 Good Things about West Virginia!The State Journal, the only state wide newspaper in West Virginia, did.They selected Old Hemlock Setters as one of those 55 Good Things.†† Our family members did a great job with their interviews. Click on the picture to the right to see the articles on-line.


George Bird Evansís quotes about dogs are still being published.†† This one was in The Progressive Farmer, Cornerstones, p. 64, April 2011.He is quoted with the good company of Will Rogers, Mark Twain, the Bible, Sir Winston Churchill, Woodrow Wilson and many more.†† Click on the picture to see all quotes.††


If you have a favorite quote by George Bird Evans about dogs or upland hunting, please share it with me.Send it along with the location which it can be found.I would like to start a GBE quote section on the web page.†† The purpose would be more quotes than this often used one for those searching the net about dogs.This would continue to keep Georgeís work in front of readers.††


LeJay Graffious,OHF Administrator







Old Hemlock Letter: The latest edition of the Old Hemlock newsletter is posted on-line.The newsletter was originally mailed to an exclusive list of friends and owners of Old Hemlock setters. We are now making the publication available to all interested in what is happening with Old Hemlock setters and their owners.It can be found by following the News link to the left.Submissions for publication in the Old Hemlock Newsletter may be sent to the Bruce Buckley†† Next newsletter will be in January 2015.†† If you have something to submit, get to the editor before August for the September issue or early January for the February issue.


Kudos to Mike McDonald who is the first editor and originator of the newsletter.†† Thanks to current editor, Bruce Buckley, for continuing the newsletter and coordination of materials.Also, appreciation goes to John McGranaghan for applying his talents of layout and publishing.††



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On July 27, twenty-five Upward Bound students and their instructors from WVU visited Old Hemlock.The students learned about the lives of George and Kay Evans, and volunteered community service.These high school students learned how George and Kay designed their lives at Old Hemlock through art, literature and English Setters. LeJay Graffious, director, stressed to the students that they are the designers of their future. For the complete story follow this link to Reporter Courtney Dunnís full report.

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Photo by Courtney Dunn, Reporter for WBOY TV



Old Hemlock now has two social pages on Facebook.††


The first Old Hemlock is a network of folks who are interested in Old Hemlock Setters and the writings of George Bird Evans can post comments and questions within the group.†† The group is open to all.If you want to post comments, you will need to apply and be admitted by the administrators. To join search Old Hemlock on Facebook or go to



The seocnd Facebook page is Old Hemlock Foundation.†† This page is more general information about the history of the George Bird Evans and Kay Evans, and activities at Old Hemlock.†† To join search Old Hemlock Foundation on Facebook.




Old Hemlock Setter puppies:

Currently,no puppies available.


If you are interested in obtaining a pup, contact Roger Brown.


For more information on Old Hemlock Setters,

check out the Old Hemlock Setters link in the left column.












Keep watching for updates and changes.  Comments and submissions are welcome.



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